Welcome to the FurToonia Java-Mucker(TM)! Just click on the "Java-Mucker!" button below to log in! You will need at least Netscape 4.x to run it correctly. Netscape 3.x doesn't have correctly working security checking. Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x messed up my system and is now broke itself, so it barely (slowly) worked on it last I tested, but I have made a lot of changes since then and can't say if it still will -- But I have been told by a person or two who have given it a try that it does indeed work with IE 4 (thanks!).

(Sorry no Java!)

You can fire up more than one copy (by pressing the button again after the first copy finishes loading), if need to make multiple connections, such as for multiple characters.

When using it, the font size can be adjusted with "Font+" and "Font-" buttons, and the window can be resized to the columns and rows desired. Use "Connect" to go online. Use the up and down arrows on your keyboard recall/edit previous lines you typed.

Or you can connect the old telnet (ft.furtoonia.net 9999) way, if don't have the needed browser.

If have any problems or questions, just ask me, Squirrelly on FurToonia (and others), or can e-mail me.